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If you have large trees on your property, you will probably notice that some limbs grow bigger and heavier than others. This often results in uneven weight distribution and the heavier branch risk tearing away from the tree especially during storms. When this happens, you do not necessarily have to prune or trim the heavy branches as this will compromise the tree’s health. You can always strengthen the branch unions using cabling and bracing.

Pro Tree Service of Savannah can help you provide the required support without causing any harm to the tree. We provide high-quality tree cabling Savannah, Georgia can trust to keep their big trees safe and healthy.

Cabling vs. Bracing vs. Rodding

There are three main approaches used to provide support to heavy tree branches that risk tearing away from the main plant.

  • Cabling

    Cabling involves using wires to connect the heavier branch to the stronger stem. The cables must be wrapped around the right height and angle to effectively provide support during storms and strong winds. It is also worth noting that cabling will require adjustments as the branches grow, but this should be an occasional procedure. Cabling is non-invasive in most cases apart from when bolts are used to tightly secure the ropes around the tree.

  • Bracing

    Bracing is another popular way to ensure your tree grows with all its limbs regardless of its weak joints. Our tree bracing Savannah services are designed to protect your tree from any harm. It simply involves installing a piece of wood or bar under the heavy branch to provide support. Bracing is ideal for trees that can still support their branches as a precautionary measure.

  • Rodding

    Rodding is basically done to support cabling where added support is required. It involves drilling holes into the branches and tying the cables through the tree rather than around it. Although rodding is invasive, our arborists are well trained in the best practices that will ensure your tree’s health is not compromised.

Which one should I choose?

Tree cabling and bracing require the services of skilled arborist who can carefully provide the necessary support based on the tree’s needs. Each circumstance is usually different although bracing can be quickly completed without much technical requirement. Cabling is the popular choice when dealing with healthy branches that risk failing due to excess weight. Rodding will be considered if the branch is very heavy since it offers a stronger support. All the three processes will redistribute the tree’s weight and relive the stress on weaker branch joints. This naturally promotes healthy growth, which is the primary reason for considering tree cabling and bracing.

Apart from precaution, cabling can be used remedy a situation that has already occurred. For instance, if your tree’s limb is already tearing away, you can call for emergency cabling and bracing to prevent further damage and heal the wound. It is advisable to work with experienced professionals who will put the tree’s health and your safety above everything else. We offer reliable tree cabling Savannah residents can use to protect their trees and from unforeseen circumstances. We also offer various other tree care services including planting, pruning, trimming and stump removal. Call us today for any inquiries about cabling, rodding, bracing and other tree services.

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