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While newly planted or young trees may be removed with ease, older, larger trees leave a stump that can only be removed with professional equipment. Stumps do not only look unsightly in your backyard but can also cause accidents and attract pests into your property.

Pro Tree Service of Savannah employs state of the art equipment with recent stump grinding techniques to ensure most, if not all of the stump is removed from your spaces. We are driven to offer the most reliable stump grinding Savannah, Georgia residents have access to.

Stump Grinding and Removal Process

Our stump grinding Savannah services involve using grinders to chip away the tree to the lowest point it can get. We have special equipment that allows us to grind most of the stump to below soil level. This means it will be totally concealed and covered by grass around it. You can plant trees around the leftover stump, but not in the actual place.

If you intend to plant new trees where the stump exists, it will require complete excavation. We offer stump removal including the landscaping work that follows such excavations. Removing old established tree stumps will definitely tamper with the ground and any nearby sprinkler pipes. However, this should be no cause for concern as we will help restore your land and cover any holes that remain following excavation.

Each stump removal service Savannah residents task us with is handled independently to ensure unique client needs are met. Ideally, grinding will reduce the stump a few inches below the soil surface while removal completely uproots the stump and its roots.

Guaranteed High-Quality Services

At Pro Tree Service of Savannah, our goal is to help you create the best space for your needs. We have decades of experience in the field and boast the most recent stump removal technology. We can handle any project and remove stumps of all kinds regardless of the size and diameter. Depending on your needs, we will grind or remove the stump from your land.

To ensure our clients are satisfied with the outcome, we offer quality guarantees for all our stump grinding and removal services. We will gladly come back and regrind if the initial attempt does not meet your anticipations. The wood shavings and dirt resulting from stump grinding can always be used as mulch around newly planted trees.

Stump Rotting

Although rotting is a natural process, it can take up to several years especially if the tree was cut down. Dead trees rot faster than those cut down particularly since internal rotting is part of the reason why most old trees fall down. Natural rotting may take up to 20 years or more. Another alternative is to drill holes into the stump and pour in rotting agents to speed up the process. However, this still takes several years and is not as effective as professional stump grinding and removal services.

Call us today for any questions about stump removal Savannah, Georgia. Our team will gladly respond to your inquiries and help you contract our services. We also offer tree planting, trimming, cabling and bracing among other tree care services you can trust to improve your landscape.

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