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Trees can drastically improve your landscaping and property value as they create unique aesthetics around your home or business. However, as trees age and become older, various needs arise including regular trimming, maintenance, or pest control to ensure trees to not overgrow their space and stay healthy. Pro Tree Service of Savannah aims to help you keep healthy vigorous trees that will improve your outdoor aesthetics without compromising your investments.

We combine state of the art equipment and recent technology to create the best environment out of any situation. Our aim is to become a reliable arborist Savannah residents can contact for any tree care service.

What Our Arborists Can Do

There are various tree services offered by our skilled arborists to ensure your green landscape flourishes with healthy plants. Whether you want to grow a special tree in a confined space or simply need to protect a heavy tree branch from falling over your roof, Pro Tree Service of Savannah has the capacity and technical skill required to help you achieve these goals. Our services include:

  • Tree planting and mulching

  • Tree pruning and trimming

  • Tree cabling and bracing

  • Tree & stump removal

  • Emergency tree services 

  • Storm risk consultation

  • Insect control and tree maintenance

Trees can suffer from insect infestation or diseases such as root rot, fire blight and leaf falls. Insects may further spread the disease to other trees they contact compromising the health of all trees in your compound. To avoid such situations, we offer certified arborist Savannah services that will help you treat any tree diseases or insect infestation.

Arborist Savannah Ga

Keeping Your Family Safe With Healthy Trees

When experts are involved in all processes, maintaining healthy trees is simple. We have the skill, equipment and technology needed to handle any situation including emergencies. Our team can help you in a number of ways including the following;

  • Cabling and/or bracing weak branch unions that risk falling over your structure

  • Trimming low hanging branches that pose a threat to your family and kids

  • Pruning dead and dried up limbs to promote healthy growth

  • Treating tree diseases such as oak wilt, leaf fall and root rot

  • Treating insect infestation and preventing future attacks

  • Reinforcing your tree in readiness for storms and strong winds

An Arborist You Can Rely On

While there are many arborists in Savannah, we pride ourselves on our friendly customer service, competitive prices and knowledgeable experts. Pro Tree Service of Savannah provides storm risk consultation and have streamlined service delivery that will help you quickly recover from an emergency situation. We also offer professional insights that will improve your overall landscaping and reduce the effort involved in growing and maintaining healthy trees.

Our services range from simple routine maintenance to emergency tree removal. Trees do not only improve outdoor aesthetics but also offer a home to birds and local wildlife, provide shade and may even lower your energy bills. Acknowledging all of this, Pro Tree Service of Savannah has a vested interest to promote the growth and maintenance of healthy trees in Georgia.

Our team of skilled and passionate arborists is always ready to handle any task and work with each client independently to ensure their unique goals are met. You call us at any time for any questions regarding tree services in Savannah, Georgia.

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Pro Tree Service of Savannah has been providing Coastal Georgia with residential and commercial tree service for over 20 years. If you're looking for competitive pricing with local professionals, give us a call today!

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As your local experts, you can contact us at any time of the day or night for your tree removal, stump removal, trimming, pruning, or emergency service needs. Our friendly team is standing by and will work quickly to ensure your yard is safe for your home and family.

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